Life’s A Circus

14 Apr

Advertising is a broad field. There are many aspects to the profession that one can specialize in. One of those aspects is the creative side of advertising; people occupying this field are copywriters often referred to as, “a creative.”

One notable creative is Dan Balser. Balser is the advertising department head at The Creative Circus in Atlanta, GA. The Creative Circus was founded in 1995 and it is an accredited two year program for students interested in building their portfolio. This educational program focuses on the creative side of advertising. Circus students graduate with experience in full-scale branding, brand extensions, product development, interactive design and innovative technology applications.

Dan is a multifaceted individual. He didn’t originally believe he would venture into the ad business, he graduate with a bachelor’s in marketing. When Balser discovered advertising he thought he would be an account executive, and for a while he was, until a creative director discovered his skills as a writer, and the rest was history.

Balser loves there are virtually infinite solutions to every problem we get. As a creative, was hired to solve business problems, but the solutions come from our own creative brains.  Balser also appreciates learning about knew businesses and occupations, “when I work on a client’s business, I become an expert in their industry.” Balser goes on to speak about a project he worked on almost Twenty years ago, “I didn’t know much about CCD technology, polyolefin resins, or QSRs, some fast food restaurants. But in order to grow each of my clients’ businesses, I have had to learn about their businesses. So yes, I am in advertising. But I feel like I work in a huge range of different industries.”

Balser believes that there are some particular characteristics a creative should posses to be truly successful in the industry. These characteristics include: curiosity, tenacity, talent and social skills. Balser believes with these characteristics combined anyone can be successful not only in advertising but in any profession they pursue.

Today Balser lives in Atlanta with his wife who is also an advertising professional, and their two beautiful children. Balser loves his work, and more importantly he’s good at what he does. “Love for what you do is the most important, craft and professionalism is what makes people successful, but passion remains the most important.”


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