The Siren and the Starbucks Split

12 Apr

Starbucks, we know the name, we know the logo. That is all about to change. Well, hopefully not. Starbucks is changing their familiar green circle by removing the words and leaving the siren, or better recognized as a mermaid, to fend for herself. The logo hasn’t changed since 1992. Starbucks believes this is the change they need to globalize their product, to bring the Starbucks brand beyond coffee.

Customers and critics are skeptical that the logo won’t be recognizable, and to strip the text from the logo isn’t a wise move ( Faithful Starbucks customers went crazy after hearing the news. Making sure their thoughts and concerns were heard, the fan pages were blowing up with both criticism and praise about the change.

Starbucks prides itself on being familiar, on being the one thing customers can count on in their day. Change is scary; this would explain why the, “regulars” would have a problem with stripping the logo free of those comforting words.

As unsure as the Starbucks populous is about the change, they are just going to have to deal with it. Starbucks Corp. stands strong by their decision to refurbish their logo and remain convinced it is in the best interest of their company and upcoming business decisions (


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