Less is Better

12 Apr

In the world of advertising, less is better. When someone in a car is driving 50 miles per hour past a billboard, they will not take the time to read five lines of script, or dissect an intricate photograph. When someone is watching TV and an ad comes on the screen with a paragraph of writing and a picture in a million different colors, it is very unlikely they will receive the message. This is where the effectiveness of a logo or trademark slogan comes in handy.

Nike, the swoosh, even known today as the, “Nike swoosh.” This is one the most simplistic logos on the market.  Just a simple black and white image of one solid shape that carries the eye from one end of the swoosh to the other. The swoosh was created by a student at Portland State University in 1971 and it has stuck ever since.

The fluid black mark represents the wing in of the Greek goddess Nike, the goddess of victory. Initially, the mark was called, “the strip” but was later named the, “Swoosh”, which is actually a type of material used in making Nike Shoes.

There is hardly anyone in the world that does not recognize the Nike logo, and it will continue to be one of the most recognizable brand name logos in history.


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