Doodle My Google

12 Apr

Google it!” is a common phrase these days. The larges and most popular search engine in the world has even now become a verb. Why are we so obsessed? There are many reasons consumers turn to Google for the answers to their every day problems, but there is a marketing technique Google uses that can’t be beat. Google is hip, its different, even its name just draws you in.

When you type in ( to your address bar on your computer, the familiar screen comes up. But what is less familiar is that there is no Google at the top of screen in the familiar blue, yellow and red colors. Instead there is a picture of a pumpkin patch, or a winter landscape, or a pirate ship. However, conveniently, these pictures all ironically resemble the trademark word, Google.

These are called Google Doodles,( and they are spotted at the top of the Google home page in the theme of any holiday or notable event. They can be themed for more popular occasions like Halloween or Independence Day, or they can be commemorating an event you may have never known about, like Abe Lincoln’s birthday, or the anniversary of solstice.


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